Grove Park Township Homes!

Call me today for 3 awesome houses in the Grove Park Township! Sizes range from 2,040 to 2,850 sq. ft. See photos below, then click for the rest of the photos…

DSC_0906 DSC_0564 Betsy


Make sure that when you hire a Realtor, you ask to see the quality of their listing photos. Getting the buyers inside your home can be a challenge, especially in a sea of available homes.


The online experience is the beginning of making the buyer fall in love with your property, so your photos should accentuate the positive, minimize the negative, and capture their imaginations.


Some houses are more photogenic than others, which requires someone who is a little more creative in finding scenes to shoot.


The bottom line is to get the house sold, so you can move on with you life!


Garden District Home

If you have been wanting a small Garden District home then your searching is over! 2/2 that has been well taken care of available. Older style hardwood floors give a classic elegance. Picture windows give you an outdoor feeling while being in the comfort of your living room. Priced at $130K.


West Dothan Home

Here is another fantastic home available in the West Dothan area. Great for commuters, close to everything!


West Dothan Open House – Sunday, 3 March

109 Denise, Dothan

109 Denise, Dothan

If you are looking for a 4 bedroom home in West Dothan at an affordable price, your search is over! Right off Hwy 84W and two minutes from Flowers Hospital, this place is perfect for a commuter that doesn’t want to be lost, 6 blocks deep in a subdivision.

While the master bedroom is on the first floor, the other three bedrooms are upstairs. When you climb the stairs, a turn to the left leads you to a large second bedroom (With skylight), while a turn to the left leads you to bedrooms three and four (and the second bathroom.) In the fourth bedroom, a huge second closet has enough space to be a computer room or playroom.

Located on a corner lot with 1/3 acre, you will have plenty of room outdoors. A wood fence encloses the spacious backyard with a patio as well.

Come out this Sunday from 2-4pm or give me a call to take a look.

Kevin Luby – REALTOR
James Bowman Realty, Inc.

Upcoming Military Budget Cuts

Flying in the Bahamas with the DEA.

Flying in the Bahamas with the DEA.

Being near a military installation, West Dothan and the Ft. Rucker area has been somewhat insulated from the economic real estate conditions that face the rest of the country. With looming budget cuts in the DoD, that may be a short lived luxury. The command structure on base and higher (all the way up) have been working hard to figure out the best way to deal with the loss of funding while keeping the quality of the Army Aviator the same.

The latest concern, is the reduction of flight students entering the Initial Entry Rotor Wing (IERW) program. Simply stated, the student population dictates the amount of support personnel necessary to accomplish the Army’s mission. Any reduction to that number means lost jobs/wages as a result. Furthermore, the threat of sequestration in the spring will also have effects on Federal Civilian (Primarily Dept. of Army Civilians at Ft. Rucker) hours should Congress not pass a budget.

The bottom line is that by Springtime, we may be dealing with an increased supply of housing for the areas within the Ft. Rucker commute distance (Including West Dothan). Its unknown at this time to what extent the cuts will affect us. In addition to being a Realtor in Dothan, I am also a flight instructor on base on Lowe Army Airfield.


Discussion about Wiregrass budget cuts


Open House

For anyone looking at houses near Dothan Country Club, we are having an open house this Sunday, 3 February, from 2-4pm. Please stop by at look at this large home that backs up to the course.

House listing


4th Quarter – 2012 activity (West Dothan)

For those of you interested in how the area did in the 4th quarter for Real Estate prices in West Dothan:

Generally speaking, the Southwest Dothan area (outside of circle) reported transactions in the high 90%s of asking price. The big hit reported was in Spann Farm with a home sale that resulted in 88% of asking price, while the Seven Oaks neighborhood increased average sale amounts by $2,100 over asking price.

In Grove Park (and the Township), we held values at 95% and 93% of list price likely because of extra inventory in the subdivision (partly because of new construction in the township).

Keep in mind that these figures do not consider closing costs that were paid by the seller.

I live in GP Township and primarily work on this side of town. We have been noticing an increase in traffic from buyers as they gear up for the spring-summer moving period and PCS season. If you are interested in obtaining more information about the local market, call me today!

Quarter Activity Report

Quarter Activity Report

LIst Price vs. Sold Price

LIst Price vs. Sold Price





West Dothan Townhouse

Here is a great single family townhouse located conveniently to Flowers Hospital and Highway 84. This 3 bd./ 2 bth. home has been taken care of very well. The owner has updated the carpets, HVAC and paint. Offered at $109,900, its a great starter home or downsize option. Call me today to find out information! 102 Denise



Living Room

Living Room

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom


Why buyers are more serious in December


Everybody knows that the winter season gives us our yearly downturn in activity for the real estate market. This applies to all locations overall, but more so the farther north you are. Down here in Dothan, Alabama, the slow-down is less, but still apparent. If you are a seller faced with listing now or waiting, you should consider the following:


  1. The remaining buyers are more serious than at other times. Think of everything that you need to do during the holidays. Would casually browsing for a house be on that list? Probably not. This means that the casual lookers are going to be weeded out, leaving the remaining buyers which are serious.
  2. The inventory is somewhat reduced from what it will be in January. Everybody else who thinks their house will be getting stale from sitting on the market during December is sitting on the sidelines. This creates a new glut of homes that will be introduced after the new year.
  3. People are wanting to get ahead of the tax curve. Some buyers have been saving and will be ready to buy after they receive their tax return. They have likely been shopping for homes online for the past few months and now they are finally ready to pull the trigger.



Using this information can help you get ahead of the competition to get you out of that house and on with your life. If you have any questions about selling your home, call me today!


Kevin Luby – REALTOR

James Bowman Realty, Inc.


Things to avoid when staging your home.

Just because you read that staging helps improves your chances at selling your house doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to do anything you want. Follow these guidelines, posted by Trulia, to help avoid the common mistakes people experience when selling real estate.


If your aim is to create something orderly and neutral, avoid your collection of creepy life-sized dolls, hanging spoons, etc. The only people that will be impressed (besides yourself) are the few that may share the same interests. Hide the taxidermy and dvd’s, its simply a distraction from your otherwise beautiful home.


The thoughts you hold in your mind about staging could be a distraction to the general public. Get an outside opinion (preferably outside your circle of close friends) that can give you objective advice on how your design ideas are helping/hurting you regarding staging.

The second thought of this section is to remove (or edit) any idea to a buyer that someone else is currently living there. Remove any hint of messiness or day-to-day live that exists. Once again, have someone take a look at your end result to see if your final product is adequate. Also, don’t take recommendation personally. Once you decide to sell your house, remove yourself from the project by thinking, “This is no longer my home, but four walls and a roof thats keeping me from realizing my future.”

One thing you can do to help during the mad rush that exists between the phone call requesting a showing and when you walk out the door is to get temporary bins that everyday items can be thrown on your way out the door (Brushes, bills, pens/pencils, etc.) This will prevent you from putting 30 items into 12 different locations. You can simply put them in the correct spot after the showing.


Themes or Scenarios:

The objective behind staging is a simple one. Help prospective buyers imagine what the house could be for them. This happens most effectively when you highlight the positive traits of your house, while minimizing the negative aspects. Avoid turning a whole area of your house into a theme (like a bedroom into a beach room), unless you are trying to minimize a flaw (like turning a bonus room into a bedroom when the surrounding homes have more bedrooms than yours.)



Every time I have sold a house, I have gotten a storage unit to put garage items, closet things and extra furniture that I didn’t want to sell or donate. This keeps your storage areas at home organized, so your buyers don’t think, “Is all my stuff going to be crammed into this closet like this guys?” This article is no different.

That being said, the closets seems to be the area that people grant the most latitude for not being staged properly. Most buyers can get over this, but if your are a proactive seller (which is what I generally make clients be), you will do the same.


Staging for the senses:

By making sure that you have not only appealed to the visual, but also to the sounds (noisy air conditioner), and the smell (Cat odors?), you can capture the buyer’s imagination in a positive sense. Remember, once you get past the logistics of the house (size, location, etc), the home buying decision is largely psychological. Keep this in the back of your mind when prepping your house. Also, after living somewhere for years, you have probably grown accustomed to the smells that exists (not noticing them at all), so have a friend/REALTOR/neighbor give you feedback on what they smell when they walk into your home. Don’t become insulted when they tell you the bad. After all, its just four walls and a roof now, right?


Original Article: Trulia: Staging Shockers

West Dothan Home Available

Here is a home located in the heart of Chapelwood Subdivision. A charming 1658 sq. ft. 3 BD/2BTH located on over 1/4 acre. Extra building in back (With heat/AC that could be a great home gym, man cave, etc. Updated with wood floors/tile recently. AC/Heat recently replaced.


103 W. Roxbury


New Home Listing!

Hello everyone,

We have a new home listing in Midland City, AL. This house was built in 1920 and has lots of character. Lots of potential for the right person looking to restore. 13′ ceilings in main living area. Lot is just under 1/2 acre. Over 3200 sq. ft!


403 4th st., Midland City

MLS# – 146570




Available in Chapelwood!

Another great home available in West Dothan. Within commute distance to Rucker! 3 Bedroom, 2 bath, 1883 sq. ft. Near Publix and Flowers Hospital.

114 Belton Dr.

Good Marketing Point

When you just can’t find anything great to say about a property…